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For a better Niagara Falls, invest in the anchor of Pine Avenue… Invest in the Niagara Arts & Cultural Center.

Niagara Falls is an international destination.  People from around the globe – the same people that visit major metropolitan centers like New York City, Singapore, Paris, and Tokyo – visit our region to witness one of the seven natural wonders of North America.  They spend 4 hours or so exploring our Falls at popular attractions and then they look around and wonder, “what’s next?”  Our answer – you go to WNY’s Multi-Arts Center: the Niagara Arts & Cultural Center.

The NACC is Pine Avenue’s economic catalyst.  Our community-focused cultural center already houses more than 100 artists and serves over 25,000 people through over 70 discrete events – performances, classes, exhibitions, and more – across all art forms.  Our tenants include artists in the permanent collection at the AKG, craftsman making furniture for US Presidents, and artists in demand on international projects in performing and visual arts. 

As we see it, though, this is just the start. Our sites are set on raising the standard and begin producing programming that keeps tourists in or brings people to Niagara Falls. The increase in standards takes capital; we ask you to consider investing in us.  Sponsors like you allow us to invest in the premium programming that, in turn, brings an influx of people that will enhance the local economy and ensures the NACC has the revenue streams necessary to reinvest in further programming opportunities.  And what do you get? Recognition, logo placement, program advertisements, social media mentions, and if you are in Niagara Falls, the increased people traffic that powers our local economy.

With your help, we can build a better Niagara Falls. Thank you for your support.

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Kevin Leary
Niagara Arts & Cultural Center
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About the NACC

The NACC is a 501c3 non-profit that preserves its historic campus by providing creative space & arts/cultural experiences for WNY residents and visitors.