(Pictured Above: Mary Ricciardi, President of the NACC, Rachel Olszewski, Director of Programs, Rentals, and Operations, Maureen Serianni, President of Volare Lodge #269, Katherine Serianni, Member of the Volare Lodge #269 Board of Trustees)  
On February 15th, 2019 a check in the amount of $3,000 was award by the ISDA Volare Lodge #269 to the NACC for the Stages Summer Camp program. The ISDA Volare Lodge supports Stages Summer Camp because of the cultural programs and artistic contributions the program provides for children in the Niagara Falls Community. The camp provides a safe, fun, and inspiring summer experience for children ages 7-18 each summer. Funding awarded to the NACC helps in arranging field-trips, acquiring camp supplies, increasing scholarship offerings, and in recruiting professional artists and teachers to create an engaging and exceptional arts program each summer.
ISDA Volare Lodge was incorporated in 1976 and has supported the goals of its mother institution, Italian Sons and Daughters of America, to preserve Italian American Culture. In addition, ISDA Volare Lodge has developed its own goals – It is one of the goals of ISDA Volare Lodge to support the community through financial and volunteer contributions in order to help improve the goals of non-profit organizations and in some cases, the lives of individual children and families.
The NACC will continue accepting donations for the stages summer camp, with a goal of a budget of $25,000 for this summer session. We hope to raise approximately $12,000 more to meet this goal. Support can be provided through funds or donation of materials and supplies. Donors can earmark funds for specific projects, ie. “Scholarships”, “Visual Arts Classes”, “Workshops”, “Field trips”, “Theatre & Production Classes”, “Staff”, “Supplies”, or General support. Donors & Sponsors receive recognition for their contribution through our printed program materials, NACC radio show, Camp Video, t-shirts logos, and during Camp Events like the Showcase. If you are interested in supporting Stages Summer Camp 2019, please contact Rachel@thenacc.org.