The Wonderful World of Art Projects

August 5 – 9
Instructor: Laura Chenault
1:00 – 4:00pm
Registration: $75
Ages 7 – 12

Enter the wonderful world of art projects with Laura Chenault!  This project-based arts workshop will explore over 7 different forms, with kite making, dragon puppets, masks, cyanotypes, assemblages, and easy little skills like copy transfers, stenciling, and more.  All supplies are included and the best part, you get to take home everything that you make! 

About Laura

Laura Chenault is an interdisciplinary artist creating art from a feminist and postmodernist perspective. She believes concept and content work hand-in-hand with presentation and display. Medium, scale, and delivery are critical components of every project. Her process begins in her extensive journals filled with notes, scribbles, ramblings, and inspiration. Form and function are always considered during initial image making.

She owns Laurel Tree Bindery and has a BFA in photography from University of Illinois. The disciplines she works in are photography, collage, book arts, installation, performance, printmaking, and film making. In addition, she is passionate about building communities, sharing skills, mentoring, and teaching.