Have you wanted to share your art and make some extra income? The NACC is getting ready to come back bigger and better than ever! We are designing a schedule of workshops as well as 6-8 week long classes, and we’re looking for instructors like you! Share your skills with the community while having fun, because what you would like to teach is up to you! Get creative and push the boundaries! Adults or kids classes are needed, so the sky’s the limit. Teach one class multiple times a year, or hold a continuing education class, where one class follows the other. Beginner, intermediate and advanced classes in succession would be ideal! We’re looking to include classes in all mediums in art, sculpture, jewelry making, exercise, crafting, woodworking, meditation and yoga. Many changes at the NACC are on the way, and classes are going to be a key component so fill out the form below or call Kris @ 716-282-7530 x104 or email kris@thenacc.org.

    The Old Niagara Falls Highschool's legacy continues at the NACC through visual and performing arts classes, cultural engagement, and a diverse schedule of training and educational opportunities.

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    Share your love for the Arts. Do you know a crafts, yoga, Tai Chi, an instrument, a foreign language, gardening, painting, juggling, quilting, soft sculpture, sewing, movie making, or local history? Then, share your skills at the NACC.

    Classroom rental cost is based on size of space, activity, and frequency of use. Members receive a discount.

    Class sizes are only limited by resources (Chairs and table space, etc )
    Additional rental fees may apply depending on equipment needed.

    Teachers are paid directly by students and are not NACC employees.

    It is your responsibility to help advertise the class and to determine the requirements.

    Student registration rules will be determined by the instructor. Options include
    Register online at the NACC.org or by contacting the instructor.

    *Please note if we register/ collect the money on your behalf, we will take an additional 15% admin fee to cover the cost of accounting and credit card fees. Therefore, we recommend that students pay the artist directly.