Rehearsal Space Venues

Legacy Theatre

The NACC’s crown jewel. Stage space is 44 feet wide; 32  feet of depth from the drip line to the back wall with a 9 foot apron. Perfect for large theatre, opera, and dance rehearsals. Equipped with sound, stage lights, work lights, 2 pianos, and 500 theatre seats. Tables and movable chairs available.

Woodbox Theatre

A more intimate rehearsal venue ideal for small ensembles and performing arts rehearsals for 2 – 20 people. 25 feet wide by 30 feet deep. Equipped with 72 theatre seats and work lights. Tables and movable chairs can be provided.


Multi-use space with 3,840 feet of uninterrupted space (80 x 48 feet) and 26 foot ceilings. Can accommodate most any performing arts rehearsal with numbers ranging from 2 – 200. Equipped with piano, bleachers, work lights, chairs, and tables.

Rehearsal 242

An intimate rehearsal venue measuring 24 ft. wide and 30 feet deep with 15 foot ceilings. Ideal for small ensembles and smaller performing arts pieces (2 – 15 people). Hardwood floors, mirrors, work lights, and plenty of natural light. Can be equipped with tables and chairs.

Rehearsal 234

Our smallest venue; 15 feet by 23 feet with 9 foot ceilings. Reserved for intimate performing arts pieces (2-6 people), small ensembles, and theatre table work. Room equipped with chairs and tables, work lights, natural light, and technology cart.

Please note: space is being offered at a reduced rate of $5/hour when booking through our rental site for up to 100 hours per organization/ individual. Anything beyond 100 hours for calendar year 2024 will be invoiced at our full rental rate. Invoices will be provided within a week of booking; full payment is expected before your selected date(s).


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