Places of Transformation
/ City Indian /

An Exhibition of works by Jay Carrier

A reception with the artist September 21.

ART EXHIBIT On Display September — November, 2019
in the Townsend Gallery

Places of Transformation/ City Indian

The places that we dwell and live, the relationships that we form with the natural environment, the people that we surround ourselves with and the many things that influence our thoughts are reflective in the paintings chosen for this show. I was born and briefly grew up on the Six Nations Reservation but I predominantly was raised and grew up in the Southend downtown Niagara Falls. I constantly was amazed by the surroundings of the city, the river and the Niagara gorge. Many memories were made that have direct reference in these paintings; there were exciting times, there were hard times, there were happy times and tragic times. These experiences in some regard formed the thoughts and ideas reflective in these paintings.

There is a poetically tragic, glamorous and beautiful reality about Niagara Falls.
The beauty and seduction of the water as it travels, the brutal stark reality to living in a repressed small city with fallen industry.. these are the catalysts for exploring my personal art in relationship to the city.