August 5 – 9
Instructor: Nick Stroczkowski
9:00am – 4:00pm
Registration: $150
Ages 12+

Enter the world of filmmaking with nothing more than your phone.  Filmmaker Nick Stroczkowski will lead students through the process of taking a story off the page and putting it onto screen.  Nick walks you through the fundamental building blocks of story building, framing, lighting, camera angles, and editing to show you that it’s not about the price of the equipment you use, but the quality of your execution. 

About Nick

Nick has been making videos since he was a kid. After graduating with a degree in Audio Recording Engineering in 2010, he began his career running sound for local theatres and recording studios. Eventually he found his way back to his favorite thing in the world- creating videos and films. Nick formed his company, Brothers & Sisters Film Production, in 2015 and has been overjoyed and thankful to be doing creative work full time ever since.