Creating Superheroes: Part I

July 8 – 12
Instructors: Superhero Alliance of WNY
1:00 – 4:00pm
Registration: $75
All Ages

Have you ever wanted super powers? Here’s your chance to build out the story!

Workshop participants will learn about designing and planning character art through sketching, drawing, and developing comic strip stories for their own unique heroic character. Not only that, registrants will begin to imagine the costume that would best represent their hero. Students will keep in mind their designs will be created with Repurposed materials in Part 2.

About the Superhero Alliance of WNY

Superhero Alliance of WNY – SAWNY – bring favorite comic book heroes to life for the benefit of the community. Like many similar organizations, they use their passion and skills in costuming to give back to the community through fundraising and supporting charity and community events.