Artists and Friends, Winners 2019

Congratulations for our 2019 Winners! 1st Place Gold Frame Award Ruth Thomas “My Husband” 2nd Place Silver Frame Award Lenore Pawlowski “Wild Horses” 3rd Place Bronze Frame Award Cynthia Jozwick-Burge “Peace Bridge Electrified” Judge’s Choice Honorable Mention Award Ylli Haruni, “Church at North Tonawanda” Honorable Mention Award for Excellence Kath Schifano, “Are You Allowed Up…

Stephen Marc: Passage on the Underground Railroad

Stephen Marc, a noted African American photographer and digital montage artist, has spent nearly a decade on the road in the U.S. and Canada documenting the places and people associated with North America’s Underground Railroad. This network of secret routes and safe houses used by escaping enslaved African Americans is the subject of The Passage on the Underground Railroad. Exhibit opens May 11, 2019.