Angels, Messengers & Celestial Guardians
Jan 27- Drop Off Deadline
Exhibition Dates: Feb 3– March 4, 2020


For centuries, angels have graced works of art with their ethereal presence. These figures have become a fixture in art history: spanning medium, culture, and time.

We seek your artistic INTERPRETATION of angels and guardians in your choice of medium and style: impressionist, realist, or abstract, etc.  Your subjects may also vary:  in glory or repose, mystical or cute, fierce or gentle, earthy or celestial, imploring, serving, helping, warning, watching, creating or destroying.  We hope for a wonderful diversity of medium, style and creative interpretation for viewers and collectors

Please consider sharing your personal interpretation of these entities. Contact to get involved!

About the Exhibition and the Opening Reception: 

Join us Feb 3 – March 4 for our Angels, Messengers and Guardian Exhibit. Opening reception on Feb 8 in the Townsend Gallery from 5pm to 7pm. Featuring local artist, speakers, meditation, and an open forum to discuss your own experiences, and listen to stories of those who have had their own encounters. 


Art Historian, Amy Joyce will be here to open the event with a discussion on Angels, with a question and answer period to follow. At 6pm, join us for an Angel Mediation with artist Elizabeth Lamoy. Throughout the entirety of the event, Judith Harke will be conducting 15 or 30 minute Spirit Art Readings. As Judith runs the pencil over the paper, an image will slowly emerge & with them bring helpful messages to your path. Event is free, however, personalized readings will be available for purchase only. 


Information on Spirit Art Reading timeslots should be reserved in advance by contacting As time is limited, please reserve your spot early. We anticipate that seats will fill quickly. 




Featuring Spirit Art Readings with Judith Hartke

$30 for 15-minute readings, a portion of the proceeds to benefit NACC Galleries. Contact to reserve your spot!


“Spirit Guides are always with us, helping us on our way and offering us insight, love, and support as we move through the days of our life. Getting to know them and intentionally connecting with their amazing energy can open the door to communication and allow us greater access to their loving guidance. In this session, Judy will tap into the great assistance that is with you in the form of your Spirit Guide. As she runs the pencil over the paper, your guide will slowly emerge and bring with it helpful messages and information specific to your path. At the end of your session, the drawing of your guide is yours to keep and an mp3 recording of the reading will be sent to you.

To see samples:


Exhibition open daily, Gallery Hours:

M-F 9 to 5

S&S 12 to 4

Free and Open to the Public