Niagara Falls High School Alumni Center at the NACC

Rekindling interest and appreciation for Niagara Falls past, the Niagara Falls High School Alumni Center at the NACC displays a collection of memorabilia dating back to the school’s earliest days.  Showcases, set in the corridor leading to the oak- paneled library, are arranged by era.

Yearbooks, school newspapers, and personal remembrances serve as ‘book marks’ capturing moments in time. A 1928 school ring, a headband with feathers from the flapper age, graduation announcements, annuals and Chronicles dating back to the early 1900’s are all part of the display.

Taped interviews of past graduates – the earliest, with George Wagner from the Class of 1914 speaking about the way it ‘was’ – are available.  Written interviews, too, are part of the collection, including one with Charles Eshelman (Class of 1896) who speaks of ‘the cane’ as a means of getting a student’s attention. Photographs record many events and moments, including the aftermath of the fire that destroyed the High School in 1922.

Open to the public, the Alumni Center has received rave reviews from many visiting alumni and reunion Classes. More and more classes are scheduling a visit to the Alumni Center at the NACC as a key part of their reunion activities. See an example below!

And of course, all alumni are invited to visit and relive “the best times of our lives” at the place that gave us nourishment, social bearings, and the knowledge to succeed in life!  For information on holding class reunion activities at the old school, please contact Joyce Sabin at 716.282.7530.

Contributions of memorabilia – anything that says, ‘you were here,’ – are always welcome in our expanding collection.  Contributions can be dropped off at the NACC or arrangements can be made for them to be picked up by calling 716.282.7530.