“Personal Space”

Townsend Gallery    Niagara Arts & Cultural Center   1201 Pine Avenue   Niagara Falls, NY  14201

On Display: December 5, 2020
Virtual Exhibit Opening: Saturday December 5, 2020 5pm
Deadline for Entry: November 21, 2020

The NACC is proud to announce its new “re-opening” exhibition Personal Space in our Townsend Gallery, and we are inviting our resident artists to submit their work for this rotating exhibition. As we are all learning to adapt to the new laws and procedures of public gatherings, this show does not a have a set end date. Because of this, we hope to have an ever changing show where you can rotate your artwork to create new, exciting show within a show. Exhibit will continue until the time we can hold regularly scheduled galley exhibits again. This exhibit is about your “personal space” and how we are growing and learning together, but in separate settings. Each artist will be assigned a section of the gallery as their own, and as a nod to our new normal, spaces will be a socially distant 6 feet apart. A virtual opening will be set up on December 5th, and we hope to see as many artists as possible to discuss their work in their personal space, which in turn will give a more private, personalized experience to the viewer. We will be featuring online and live off the wall sales multiple times throughout the exhibit, so changing out artwork and adding new pieces is encouraged. We will also be holding online and live selling events in the gift shop, so prints of your originals are always welcome. As we appreciate our in house artists and their ability to learn to navigate a new way of seeing things with us over the last few months, we would like to thank you by having an all resident show with reduced entry fees.

Rules for Entry

Quick Facts

Marketing: November 14, 2020 – Final chance to have your work featured on our promotional materials for this exhibit.

Entry and Drop-Off Deadline: November 21, 2020 – your entry paperwork and artwork must be submitted to the NACC’s office.

Exhibit Fee: $30 for up to five (5) pieces. No fee for additional pieces brought in to replace sold pieces and/or exchanging older pieces. Entry fees can be paid online at the NACC’s website using PayPal, with cash, or by check or money order made payable to Niagara Arts and Cultural Center.

Reception: Virtual opening planned Saturday December 5, 2020 at 5pm. Online sales and live feeds throughout the entirety of the show.

Attendance: All exhibiting artists should be in attendance at the reception for online interviews, please notify the NACC if you will not be able to attend the opening reception.

Pick Up: Art must be picked up after shows completion. You will be notified by email. The NACC is not responsible for artworks that remain in our space 1 week after the email has been mailed out.

This exhibition is open to all In House Artists. All artwork must be original and created by the artist. Instructors or mentors who assisted, touched up, or worked on pieces should be credited.Eligibility for Gallery Exhibit

  • Our Gallery uses a wire hanging system. Two-dimensional works must be wired and framedfor hanging or mounted for display. Sawtooth, Arrow, Push pins, D-Ring, Hang Tabs, & Command Strips/Hooks are not accepted as they do not work with the system installed in the Gallery. Sculptures/Works that cannot stand on their own will not be accepted. Submitted works that do not meet this requirement will be omitted from the exhibit.
  • The NACC will not alter or repair pieces that are not “hang-ready” upon arrival. Artworks that are warped, damaged, or deemed not suitable for display will be omitted from this exhibition.
  • Three-dimensional sculptural works must by free standing with a clean, non-abrasive base or mounted on a pedestal.
  • Please submit only work that is for sale. We will not accept “Price on Request” or “Not for Sale”.
  • Please price your artwork to include a 25% commission for NACC in your sell price.

Entry Guidelines

  • Complete the online entry form or visit to download a PDF version of the form. Physical forms can be picked up at the Main Office, 2nd Floor of the NACC. Form must be submitted by Entry Deadline.
  • All mediums of artwork will be accepted.
  • You will be notified if your work will be included in the Gallery Exhibit.
  • Entry fees can be paid with cash, or by check or money order made payable to Niagara Arts and Cultural Center and mailed to: NACC, 1201 Pine Avenue, Niagara Falls, NY    PAYMENT IS DUE UPON DROP OFF – Artworks will not be accepted without full entry payment.

Drop-Off Procedures

  • All entries must include a label on the back or underside that includes the following information: NAME OF ARTIST, TITLE OF WORK, ARTISTIC MEDIUM and PRICE.  Artwork WILL NOT be accepted without proper labeling.
  • Two-dimensional works must be wired and framedfor hanging or mounted for display. See eligibility section for details.
  • Drop off work during NACC hours: Tuesday through Friday from 10 am to 5 pm. If you would like to drop off or pick up artwork at any other time please contact or call Kris at 282-7530 to make an appointment that is more convenient for your schedule.