The Art of Fashion
Aug 25-Oct 8, 2017
Maria McLaughlin and Mary Grace Ohrum have begun organizing the NACC’s end of summer exhibit, “The Art of Fashion”.


The “Art of Fashion” Exhibit will feature the works of multiple artists, including pieces by Ohrum, who has been fabricating wearable artworks that have been worn internationally, and brilliant seamstress and designer, Medis Kent. The exhibit will feature works of art inspired by fashion, fabric, and textiles; this includes Fashion illustrations, original designs, and wearable art. Artists seeking to be involved can contact Maria Dugan for more details on submitting works for this exhibit.

The “Art of Fashion” Exhibit will open August 25th with a special event, taking over three floors of The NACC. The event will include vendors, vintage clothing, models, music, dancers, body art, food, wine. It’s sure to be an unforgettable experience, designed to show the many facets of fashion, what has inspired humanity throughout history and history and serves as a reflection of society. The opening of this exhibit will take place on August 25th, admission is $10.00 per person. 


“We want the Art of Fashion to hit all of your senses to create a memorable evening and get the audience ready for the main event, ‘Transformation Wearable Art Show & Competition’.” Said Dugan, referring to the closing of the exhibit on October 7th. “Transformation” is sure to be a unique experience according to Dugan, who said, “The audience will be shocked and surprised by what our designers can take every day items and recycle them into beautiful, breathtaking show pieces.” Admission to the Transformation Wearable Art Show & Competition is $25.00.