Beyond the Barrel: NF125

An art exhibit celebrating the 125th Birthday

of the City of Niagara Falls!


Opening Reception 5pm -7pm

The collective work of artists and craftsmen who have been inspired by Niagara’s people,  landscape, history and sights.


Robert Bemisderfer, Justin Michael Blue, Paula Borkowski, Jason Buckley,Daniel Chadwick, Chantel Calato, Jay Carrier, Sam Conibear, Doreen Deboth, Brook D’Angelo, Connie Garver, Danielle Grace DePalma, Connie Garver, Violet Gordon, Ylli Haruni, James Johnston, Ashley Johnson, Jeannette Johnson-Pikturna, Cynthia Jozwik-Burge, Missy Kettl, Barbara Kowalski, Michael Kudela, Timothy Maloney, Carol Maloney, Barbara Maloney, Candace Keegan Masters, Meagan McCormick, Caedyn Metz, Coni Minneci, Ryan Mis, Brian Nacov, Jim Neiss, Mary Grace Ohrum, Lenore Pawlowski, James Pyra, Sally Reid, Ray Robertson, Valerie Roffle, Jonathan Rogers, Ally Spongr, Bob Schroder, Kath Schifano, Dennis Scherer, Michael Stuart, Ruth Thomas, James Webster, Among many more!

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